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One of the most incredible results of the marriage between the world of filmmaking and the internet is the amount of official behind the scenes material that can be made available right in the middle of big studio productions. Whether its Peter Jackson releasing production diaries regularly from the set of The Hobbit or Marc Webb and Bryan Singer using their personal Twitter accounts on a daily basis to reveal new images from the making of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, respectively, the world is now given the chance to really watch as a movie is made from beginning to end. So even though cameras are still rolling on the upcoming video game movie Need For Speed - which won't be hitting theaters until next year - that's not stopping us from getting an inside look at what to expect from the movie.

The annual E3 video game conference is up and running in Los Angeles, California, and as a treat for fans of the long-running series a behind-the-scenes video about the upcoming Need For Speed movie was shown. The footage, which you can see above thanks to the official YouTube account, is mostly just cars flipping over and racing over long stretches of road, but you can definitely see stars Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots and Dominic Cooper, and the end of the clip appears to be a real, edited scene. I'm not sure how much I care about director Scott Waugh's claims that the film is accurate and authentic to car racing culture, but it looks like a pretty cool ride.

Need For Speed centers on a young street racer (Paul) who is released from prison and takes part in a cross-country race to try and get revenge against the wealthy businessman who framed him for a crime he didn't commit. And it doesn't help that the hero's former partner has also put a bounty on his head. Kid Cudi, Dakota Johnson, Rami Malek and Micheal Keaton are all part of the cast, and the film will be in theaters on March 14, 2014.