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I was in the audience at the Los Angeles Film Festival when Nicolas Winding Refn told the crowd that if he were ever going to make a movie about Wonder Woman he would choose Christina Hendricks to star. Some people took this to mean that the Danish filmmaker was actively working on a Wonder Woman project and was announcing Hendrick's involvement. While he may have an idea what he'd like to do with the property, there didn't seem to be any guarantee that he was actively pursuing it. Now recent comments have revealed that Winding Refn does, in fact, have some real interest in the project.

While participating in a Q&A during the Empire Big Screen '11, the filmmaker revealed that he would love to bring the DC Comics heroine to the big screen with Christina Hendricks in the role, but that "Warner Bros haven’t called yet." According to The Playlist, Winding Refn then said that his remake of Logan's Run has been moving forward and that he may use the project as a means to convince the studio that he would be the right man to make the movie. Said Winding Refn, "I think someone said to me in a meeting that if I get Logan’s Run right, then I’ll get Wonder Woman."

Given how the Drive helmer's words were twisted at LAFF, I'm inclined to take these quotes with a grain of salt as he could just be joking. That said, I'd be incredibly curious to see Winding Refn's take on Wonder Woman and I would never in a million years complain about seeing Christina Hendricks in a corset, short-shorts and knee-high boots.

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