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Taking The A-Team seriously might be tough to do in this day and age since so many remakes, reboots, and classic TV show crossovers fall flat on their faces. However, this Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Sharlto Copley starrer looks like it might step up to the plate and break the mold set by the vast majority of its predecessors. And if not, it'll at least blow up real good.

Just released across the pond at the HeyUGuys Blog are these posters which, despite being photoshopped into oblivion, give us a fun look at each of the four leads and mercifully contain no giant, disembodied heads. Maybe the Hollywood marketing system has finally started to take our advice. The one-sheets aren't exactly worthy of your wall space but aren't too bad in the grand scheme of things especially after what we saw coming out of the Percy Jackson camp a few months ago.

Last we heard, The A-Team was getting a July 11th release, which would put it in sharp competition with the other "special forces team betrayed by its government" movie, Sylvain White's The Losers, opening just one week earlier. It'll be a good summer for those of you looking for action, 'splosions, and a little bit of plain ol' badassery. Check out the posters below.

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