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Operation Kino 128: Which Director Would You Send To Peter Jackson Island?

This week we're thinking about recent films like Ain't Them Bodies Saints and Lee Daniels' The Butler and wondering how much a director's biography is important when considering their work. On top of that, Patches' has checked in with the kids these days and brought us word on Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Da7e digs into Seattle's prostitution industry with the new iTunes rentable doc Rape For Profit, we ponder which director we would assign a Peter Jackson-style mini-empire, and we pick our most anticipated movies of the upcoming fall season.

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00:00-00:42 Lightning Round

1:25 - 12:12 Patches' tidbit: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones & the emergence of fan-fiction

12:25 - 22:05 Dave's tidbit: Rape for Profit and good-hearted documentaries that fail

22:23 - 27:22 If you could assign any director a Peter Jackson-style island of unlimited budgets but a single kind of movie, who would it be??

27:49 - 44:11 How much should you consider a director's biography when seeing their films?

44:25 - 47:23 Goodbye!

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