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Sex Drive is a much better movie than it appears to be, and I'm a little disappointed that, almost a month into its release, it has only managed to make about $8 million at the box office. That said, I'm not exactly clamoring for a sequel, and the American public doesn't seem too interested in one either. Of course, that won't stop the filmmakers and actors from getting the rumor started.

Josh Zuckerman, who played the lead role in the movie, told Moviehole.net that director Sean Anders had talked about doing a sequel, but not really the kind you would expect. "If there would be a sequel it wouldn’t be like the American Pie sequels where it’d just be all the same cast – he’s actually talked about it centering on Andy and Randy (the all-talk teenagers from the film) and following them on whatever adventures they’d be undertaking."

Andy and Randy really are one of the best parts of the movies, and I wouldn't mind seeing more about them. But an entire sequel just doesn't seem possible to me, especially since the first movie barely kept up its humor for the entire running time. But there is one more funny idea that might make it into the sequel: "And instead of [Amanda, Clark and I] popping up as the same characters again, in cameos, we’d appear as different characters!”

OK, it might be cute. But mark my words: a sequel to Sex Drive will not happen, unless it manages to become a hit on DVD. Perhaps they can take some advice from Harold and Kumar on how to make this happen.
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