It’s taken them a few weeks but Variety has confirmed our Da Vinci Code 3 scoop from a few weeks ago. Either that or they just got around to reading our scoop and then reposted it without crediting us. I’m pretty sure it’s the former.

So what are they confirming? Sony is moving forward with a third installment of the Da Vinci Code franchise, this time it’s called The Lost Symbol. The film will find Robert Langdon called to Washington to unravel the mysterious symbols of the infamous Freemasons.

As our source told us back in December, Hanks is all but a lock to return. But, as we predicted, there’s no mention of involvement from director Ron Howard. Our sources told us that Howard was hesitant to return, though suggested that if Sony backed up a Brinks truck it still might happen. Though it’s increasingly less popular here in America, this franchise is still making the studio a ton of money overseas and, the Dan Brown book on which the movie will be based sold a ton of copies. They’ve got the money to spend on Ron Howard, if it becomes necessary. Anything could happen.

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