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There are certain activities that are simply more enjoyable when done in large groups. Going to the movies is one of those things. Viewing a sporting event is another. We assume this is what the owners of Nissan Stadium, the home of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans were thinking when they set up a movie night at the stadium where families could come watch the hit Minions on the stadium’s giant screen. It was a great way to promote and use the stadium during the off season. Unfortunately, it appears the stadium’s preparation for the event missed a crucial step, turning off the sprinkler system.

Titans movie night update - sprinklers came on - lucky @laneycrowder @mrwalkerroe and I were out of range

A video posted by Corey Crowder (@coreycrowder) on

Several people who were in attendance got the people running for cover on video. The field was left open for people to use and many were set up on blankets to watch the movie. Then at some point during the film, some of the field’s sprinklers went on and soaked many of the attendees. In the stadiums defense, it doesn’t look they forgot to turn off all the sprinklers as from another perspective, most of the field appears to still be dry.

Whether this means that somebody just forgot to flip the last switch, or simply that the sprinklers are staggered and the rest of the field was going to get wet soon, is not clear. Still, for those who were within the splash zone, it looks like absolute chaos. As this was a family film there were many children in attendance.

Hopefully, somebody working the stadium got the sprinklers shut off in short order. Although, even if they did we’re guessing that portion of the field was unusable by the viewers for the rest of the evening. On the plus side, we think the stadium just found their next off-season event. We fully expect Nissan Stadium to run a promotional "Run Through the Sprinklers" night later this summer.

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