Summer blockbusters aren’t necessarily sticking to people’s ribs this season. Movies open big, from Iron Man 3 to Man of Steel, but they rapidly fade away. At the same time, expensive popcorn thrillers like White House Down struggle to reach wider audiences, notching slow Fridays that lead to underwhelming weekend numbers.

We hope that Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim sets a new standard for Summer 2013 while simultaneously blowing the doors off of neighborhood multiplexes. The director’s massive-scale monsters-versus-robots blockbuster began screening for junket press over the weekend, and Warner Bros. is using that as an opportunity to begin sharing new footage. Above, a latest TV spot has Ron Perlman’s character, Hannibal Chau, selling the brain of a Kaiju (monster), “completely intact,” to Charlie Day’s scientist.

Two men talking? That doesn’t exactly sound like it’s ready to reinvent the summer-blockbuster formula. You want to see action out of this epic battle film, which is why Warner Bros. also released the “Elbow Rocket” clip, which shows the giant robots – known as Jaegers – using jet-propelled blasts to give them super-powered punches. Just what one needs when it wants to deliver a knockout punch to an obnoxious Kaiju.

There’s one thing about Pacific Rim I really want to know. If a Jaeger falls, does that mean that the human pilots who are maneuvering these skyscraper-sized robots die, as well? Because if not, then why do we care? I think that there has to be some human element to Rim that I’m not seeing yet.

Maybe the answers lie in this 12-minute montage of B-roll from Del Toro’s film. Shared via ComingSoon, the reel shows a giddy director at work in his digital playground:

Pacific Rim is on its way. The blockbuster opens in 2D and 3D on July 12.

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