Summer movie season is made for jaw-dropping spectacle. So far we've seen armies of Iron Men, glitter-caked soirees, grand scale space battles, and The Rock playing crazy charismatic cops, robbers, and G.I. Joes. But Guillermo del Toro could well steal the summer with his over-the-top science fiction epic Pacific Rim. Not only does it boasts movie badasses like Idris Elba, Ron Perlman, Clifton Collins Jr., and Rinko Kikuchi, this drool-inducing adventure also contains gargantuan creatures with an insatiable thirst for destruction battling insanely huge robots that are humanity's last hope at survival.

The latest full-length trailer breaks down the specifics of the plot, but the new TV spot (via Facebook) keeps it short and sweet. It's us versus them. Go big or go extinct! Mankind is fighting for our very existence in this tantalizing action flick, and the TV spot teases a premise so grand and action sequences so outrageous that they demand being seen on the biggest screen you can find. A lot of summer movies might be fine to skip until an eventual rental, but it's looking like seeing Pacific Rim any way but on a big-ass theater screen is just down right wrong. Go big. Period.

Set in a world where extraterrestrial titans have risen from the ocean to wreak havoc on land, Pacific Rim stars Rinko Kikuchi (The Brothers Bloom) and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) as a pair of mismatched pilots charged with operating and old school battle bot. She's untrained and he's a washed up wreck, but together, operating an obsolete war machine, they prove to be mankind's last hope.

Pacific Rim opens nationwide on July 12th.

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