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Forget "go big or go home." Visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro raises the stakes to "Go big or go extinct" for his upcoming summer smash Pacific Rim. Maybe you know this ambitious science-fiction adventure involves giant extraterrestrial beasts waging war against gargantuan robots, and that was enough to get you pumped. Maybe del Toro's name alone was enough based on fond memories of Hellboy or Pan's Labyrinth. If not, perhaps a cast that includes Prometheus' Idris Elba, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Charlie Day, Star Trek's Clifton Collins Jr., Hellboy's Ron Perlman, Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam, and The Brothers Bloom's Rinko Kikuchi, was tantalizing enough to earn this release a spot on your summer musts list. But if you actually need a breakdown of how this movie's world works, the latest trailer is kind enough to break it down.

Pacific Rim is set in on an Earth under attack by legions of Kaiju, big bad monsters that come from space, but crawl out of the ocean to unfurl mayhem upon mankind. To fight back, humans invent weapons called Jaegers, enormous battle bots powered by two pilots simultaneously through a powerful mental link. But as the war drags on humanity's last hope becomes a pair of pilots who seemed destined to fail. Raleigh Becket (Hunnam) is a Jaeger operator way past his glory days, and Mako Mori (Kikuchi) is woefully untrained. But together they will man an iconic but obsolete Jaeger to take one last stab at cancelling the apocalypse.

Count us in.

Pacific Rim opens July 12th.

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