“I can only pray that this is the end of it.” Those chilling words came from the fake newscaster reporting on the creature that eats San Francisco in the first viral video released for Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro’s monsters-versus-robots blockbuster that’s planning to storm theaters next July. But as we dug around the Internet in search of more news following the announcement of a sequel (already), we found a countdown clock that points to a full Pacific Rim trailer hitting on Wednesday, December 12th.

That’s 8 days from this moment, according to the clock on Pan Pacific Defense, a viral site we discovered a few days ago containing reports of attacks not only in San Francisco, but also in Anchorage, AK; Vladivostok, Russia; Hong Kong; London; and Paris. Holding a cursor over those cities unlocks all sorts of campaign materials, from redacted memos about the beasts, known as Kaiju, and the mysterious Trespasser event that makes the creature a global problem, and not one contained to the Pacific Rim (the London memo has a ton of interesting information.)

And on the bottom of the home page is a clock, counting down to the first official Pacific Rim trailer. The clock was first found on this viral fan site, but backed up by the data on the Pan Pacific site.

Click around the site. Unlock more blueprints for Jaegar suits, which humans will use to protect our cities from Del Toro’s giant freaking monsters. And brace for more footage, which we’re guessing makes its way online in a little over a week.

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