The second clip, “Facial Expressions,” goes a little more into detail about the stop motion animation tactics used within ParaNorman. If you’ve watched any documentary stuff on how stop motion animation is produced, the bit may not be overly enlightening, but it’s still worth a watch to see some of the character figurines and how the different facial reconstructions for the characters come together to produce a second or mere seconds of film. The endeavor is so much work, but the crew gets to play with dolls all day, lucky bastards.

Just a couple of days ago, we posted an exclusive clip that delves a little deeper into the master animators work on ParaNorman and how the animators were able to bring together all of the traditional facets of stop motion animation with other tenets of modern technology to produce a seamless, modern picture. The whole process is pretty exciting, but even if none of these extra clips is really up your alley, the courageous and original animated film is still worth a watch.

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