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Paranormal Activity 4 Will Levitate On To Blu-ray In January

The Paranormal Activity movies might be making less money in the theaters nowadays, but considering how little the flicks cost to make, it’s no surprise they are still churning them out and not changing the mold too much in the process. The most recent flick in the franchise, Paranormal Activity 4, was made on a $5 million budget, and pulled well over $53 million at the domestic box office, making the flick a pretty big success. If you missed it but you’d like to get on board for some good, old-fashioned scares, you’ll be able to catch Paranormal Activity on Blu-ray and DVD beginning on January 29.

The supernatural horror flick revolves around possessed people, a kidnapping, a coven, levitation, and all kinds of other scare tactics, with many of the supernatural topics coming up having carried over somewhat from the other films. Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman returned to direct the fourth flick in the franchise, so if you liked the way the third movie was shot, Paranormal Activity 4 will probably still be up your alley.

If you want to get an early look at the flick, it will also be available via digital download beginning two weeks prior to the DVD and Blu-ray release, on January 15. Like the two hard copy home entertainment releases, the digital download will be available in multiple versions. First, there is the theatrical version of the film, then there is the Unrated version of the flick, and finally, fans can watch Paranormal Activity 4 with over 30 minutes of newfound footage, connoted as “The Recovered Files.” Blu-ray copies will come with all three options, DVD copies will come with the theatrical and Unrated versions, and downloaded copies will come in either the theatrical or Unrated version, depending on which route buyers choose to go. In lieu of special features, the Blu-ray looks like it will be as good as it gets.

Jessica Rawden

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