The New Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer Has Arrived

For a while it just wasn't Halloween unless a new Saw movie was getting ready to enter theaters. Every October movie-goers would carve out at least one October evening to go see the latest work of the serial killer known as Jigsaw, watching him put victims in ironic, contrapasso torture devices that reflected their sins. But since 2009 the color of the guard has changed. While the Saw series didn't see its end until 2010, the new found footage franchise clearly took over as the king of Halloween, making millions upon millions of dollars at the box office on budgets that normal blockbusters would eat up in one day of shooting. And the franchise seems to be only getting more popular. Last year Paranormal Activity 3 not only made a grand total of $205.7 million worldwide - outpacing the first Paranormal Activity by $12 million - but also setting a record for the biggest opening ever in either September or October. And we haven't seen the last of it yet.

The new trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, from directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, has arrived online and you can watch it below or in HD over on Apple (opens in new tab).

Unlike Paranormal Activity 3, which took us back to the origins of the ghostly curse back in 1988 when Katie and Kristie were growing up, the latest movie is set in 2011 and follows a brand new character, Alice, played by Kathryn Newton. Zack Estrin, who worked on the Oren Peli series The River as well as other shows like Prison Break, Tru Calling and Charmed, wrote the script for the new film, which will be in theaters on October 19th. For more from Paranormal Activity 4, head over to our Blend Film Database.

Eric Eisenberg
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