Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer Reveals The Next Terrified Female

This October, Paranormal Activity fans will have reason to return to the theaters again as the fourth installment in the popular found-footage horror franchise is set to arrive, delivering the next chapter in the spooky story. The previous two Paranormal Activity sequels took us back in time, with PA3 driving us all the way back to the 80's. Based on the trailer for the fourth film, which just made its way online, PA4 will take us back to the present… more or less.

The trailer, which was teased earlier this week, begins with a quick rehash of the first three films, chronicling the demonic issues Kristy and her sister Katie have had to deal with over the course of their lives, from their childhood (PA3), into their adulthood (PA's 1&2). And then we're brought to 2011, the date of the footage for the upcoming Paranormal Activity 4. Meet Alex, a girl whose family clearly shares Katie and Kristy's family's appreciation of spacious kitchens, and who has been witnessing some strange behavior from her neighbors.

"This October all the activity has led to this," the trailer says between snippets of Alex snooping on her creepy neighbors. This includes the "weird kid from across the street" who stands outside staring off at something. Cut to Alex's power getting weird. The house alarm starts sending off warnings of doors being open. And then the creepy image of a figure in the doorway behind her. Reminds me of the PA3 teaser that showed a figure in the reflection of the mirror during the "Bloody Mary" scene. It ends with a girl (Alex?) seen walking away from a house while holding the hand of a child.

When it came to Paranormal Activity 3, I didn't love the way the story unfolded (and specifically ended), but what the film lacked in that area, it made up for in creepy moments. We can only speculate on the story for PA4 and how this ties in to Kristy and Katie's story (the trailer says it's all been leading up to this). The official plot hasn't been disclosed yet and unless there's something I missed in the trailer, I don't see a direct connection between Alex and the previous films (perhaps it's the neighbors that are related?). In the meantime, it looks like directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are set to deliver more scares and spooky moments seemingly caught on tape and edited together for our entertainment and terror.

Paranormal Activity 4 arrives in theaters this October.

Kelly West
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