Paul Rudd Was The Real Wedding Singer

Watching Paul Rudd up on screen it may feel like he just appeared in the entertainment industry a few years ago, but the 41-year-old actor has been entertaining for a long time… just not always on a larger scale. Have you seen the excellent Adam Sandler movie The Wedding Singer? That was Paul Rudd back in 1992.

Forward writer Gabrielle Birkner had her Bat Mitzvah in 1992 and her parents hired a DJ to keep the whole thing running smoothly. He showed up, did his thing, and they recorded it. Now Birkner has posted her Bat Mitzvah video, because we all know that DJ as movie star Paul Rudd. Watch the tape:

Sure Rudd looks dorky and ridiculous, but seen through a modern lens, we all did back then. The thing that’s really interesting to me, and that should get the ladies out there swooning, is that Rudd seems to be really good at his job. He’s soft spoken and age appropriate with the kids. When little Gabrielle Birkner finds herself on the verge of an embarrassing moment attempting to blow out candles that won’t blow out, he smoothly steps in to ease the tension and take the focus off her. Birkner admits in her story that she took an immediate liking to him as a kid and describes her big day this way:

Rudd, donning a yellow tuxedo jacket, a ruffled shirt, shorts and Doc Martens, ably and energetically led us through all of the bat mitzvah staples: Candle-lighting, Coke & Pepsi, Toasts, limbo, “Hands Up,” Challah-cutting and “YMCA.” And as the “Today” show-themed bat mitzvah party came to a close, he invited my friends onto the dance floor to sing a moving rendition of “That’s What Friends Are For.”

Paul Rudd in 1992, as he does now, just seems like a genuinely good dude. If this acting thing doesn’t work out, he has a real future as a party DJ.

Josh Tyler