After a lengthy, lengthy production process, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey finally has opened in theaters. Perhaps you have heard. The director has done an admirable job documenting virtually every step on this process with unprecedented video blogs posted to his Facebook page from Wellington, England, Los Angeles and beyond.

In celebration of the movie’s opening, Jackson has posted one more blog – possibly his last? See for yourself:

This one puts the finishing touches on Unexpected Journey, showing us how Jackson and his team were working on the movie right up until the moment when it was pre-screened for critics. The blog then takes us behind-the-scenes of the New Zealand premiere. We see the construction of the massive Gollum that now rests at Wellington’s airport. We’re shown the tremendous amount of work that goes into constructing the premiere event. It really is overwhelming. And now fans can actually head to theaters and enjoy the film.

But it’s the first step on a three-film journey, which is why I sarcastically asked if this was Jackson’s “last” video blog. Hardly. We can likely count on him documenting the work he and his crew will do on The Desolation of Smaug and the trilogy finale, There and Back Again. The access Jackson gives to his fans is remarkable, and needs to be celebrated. It’s easy, in this line of work, to grow jaded about the amount of access we’re sometimes afforded. The fans in this video, sleeping on sidewalks for a chance to be part of the Hobbit premiere, put so much of this into perspective for me. It really is for the fans, and Jackson has honored you in this blog, as well as in his movie. I hope you enjoy yourself this weekend on your return to Middle-earth.

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