You'd think Pierce Brosnan would have a better way of asking for casting decisions than to talk about it in the press. The star of the forthcoming Thomas Crown Affair 2 has an opinion on who should play the female lead int he sequel, but instead of bringing it up with, I don't know, the casting director, he's talking to Malaysia's largest English-language newspaper. I'm sure that's a no-fail tactic.

Anyway, Brosnan's highly valuable opinion is that Charlize Theron, rather than Angelina Jolie, is the right woman to be his co-star. "Charlize Theron is someone who I've always admired. I think she's someone who has acquitted herself grandly. Nothing against Angelina Jolie. I think she's a magnificent actress. But Charlize has a poise about her and has an inner strength and femininity which I really like to watch."

"Which I really like to watch???" Pierce, are you acting alongside this woman or just ogling her? Angelina has been rumored as the female lead for over a year now, but there are still no final casting decisions. So will Pierce actually get his way? Or will his creepy description of Theron's talent keep her far, far away from the man formerly known as Bond?

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