Pixar's The Incredibles Ripped To Shreds In A Vicious New Video

Ever since the first Toy Story in 1995, Pixar has been responsible for creating some of the most popular, acclaimed, beloved animated features in recent memory. But as adored as they are, that doesn’t mean people don’t find fault with them, and the latest "Everything Wrong With" video takes 2004’s family superhero adventure The Incredibles to task in this vicious new installment.

As is usually the case with these videos from Cinema Sins, what you get here is a mixed bag. Some of the points they make funny and legit, like how they argue that the family in The Incredibles have essentially the same powers as the characters in the Fantastic Four, with a miniature Flash hanging around for good measure. They also point out that the two of the heroes rescuing people from a burning building use the victims as shields, with doesn’t seem particularly heroic. And maybe you realized, but I didn’t, that director Brad Bird borrowed a bit from Mission: Impossible, which is pretty damn funny considering he would go on to direct Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol just a few years later.

That said, for every piece that hits, there are way more that just kind of suck and are nitpicky and stretching way, way too far. The video points out that, once again, no one can aim for shit (do you really want people getting blasted full of bullet holes in you kid’s movies? Maybe you do), or how people could have spotted Mr. Incredible changing in his car, which are common complaints in most superhero properties and just seem easy.

I’m also pretty unclear about how the narrator’s lame story about Taylor Swift counts as a "sin" against The Incredibles. The same goes for the point that this movie is better than any of the existing Fantastic Four movies. How is being good somehow a knock?

Admittedly, some movies do really open themselves up to this kind of treatment. There are a number of deeply flawed films in the world. And I get that The Incredibles is popular and a lot of people will watch this, but so many of these points are such a stretch that this video wears out its welcome well before you get anywhere near the end of the almost twelve-minute run time. Then again, maybe I’m just a curmudgeonly old asshole who hates fun. Wouldn’t be the first time someone has said that about me.

Brent McKnight