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The efforts to sell Inglourious Basterds as an action-packed, manly swaggering kind of movie continues apiece. They've reached out to wrestling fans, they've promoted Brad Pitt's mustache like all hell, and now they're going the manliest route possible: Playboy. The magazine and the online version are running a six-page graphic novel treatment of the "Bear Jew" scene of the film, in which Eli Roth's character, as you've seen endlessly in trailers, takes a bat to the skull of a captured Nazi.

If you're at work, I'd recommend checking out the two-page preview at The Huffington Post, and check out the rest when you're at home. There's no nudity in the comic pages, of course, but Playboy.com is probably an easy target for porn filters.

As for the graphic novel itself, it's virtually a line-by-line recreation of the scene, in which Brad Pitt's Aldo Raine taunts the captured Nazi, then sics Eli Roth on him. I just got back from seeing the movie, and can tell you conclusively that this scene is not at all representative of the rest of the movie, which is sprawling and elegant and really not all that violent. But if it's Nazi-bashing that sells tickets, then Nazi-bashing it is.

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