New Predators Featurette Proves Adrien Brody Is A Badass

If I had to some up the concerns of most fans when it comes to Predators in two words, it would be these: Adrien Brody. He’s the lead in Nimrod Antal’s movie and he’s being asked to live up to the rather large, muscled, badass shoes of California’s governor. When you think bad-ass killer, you normally don’t think of gangly, bony, Brody… but it looks like he’s going to pull it off.

You got a few glimpses of him in the trailer, but now Robert Rodriguez has released a new, behind the scenes sneak peek at Predators focused entirely on Brody’s character, Royce. It’s clear that Adrien has been hitting the weights pretty hard, he’s bulked up and in the clips, appears to be every bit the badass he needs to be. I’m not sure why he’s wielding a makeshift tommy gun, but I think I like that too.

Watch the latest Predators featurette below: