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It might help if you stand with you hands on your hips with a red cape billowing behind you while listening to this, or simply stare at the latest banner for Man of Steel and think about all the ways that "S" symbolizes hope on Krypton. Yes, this is a snippet of Hans Zimmer's score for the new Superman film, and though we've been hearing bits of it in advertising for months, the chance to listen to it unbroken and turn your speakers way up is not to be missed.

Especially following Iron Man 3's lackluster score it's great to have Hans Zimmer back in the superhero fold-- the work he did on the Dark Knight trilogy was justifiably iconic, and though he's still fond of the booming percussion and quick-moving strings, it does sound different than the music that was backing up Batman all those years.

Once Star Trek Into Darkness makes its way to theaters next week, we'll be pinning all our epic, emotional summer movie hopes on Man of Steel, which opens June 14. There's been something about every trailer so far that's made us want to hug our dads (or hire Kevin Costner to play our dad) and run around the backyard in a homemade Superman cape. Can the movie itself actually sustain that kind of nostalgia, and combine it with action scenes that are worth a damn? We know DC and Warner Bros. are desperately hoping so-- are you as optimistic as they are?

You can click here to pre-order the Man of Steel soundtrack.

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