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After the unexpected success of Rambo, it’s likely that Sylvester Stallone will release Rambo movies until his dying days. Why wouldn’t he? How old is that dude now? Like 76? And he was able to successfully act in, write and direct an action movie? I would do that until I was 105 if I were him. But I’m not.

Now details for Rambo 5 are starting to come out, and they’re straight from Sly’s mouth. As reported by AICN, who got an exclusive interview with Stallone, the movie will take place in the Pacific Northwest, where experiments are being done on soldiers in an effort to tap into man’s inherent “savagery” and create “killer soldiers.” As one can expect, things don’t go entirely well with the experiments, so Rambo is brought in to clean up the government’s mess. But can Rambo take on someone even deadlier than Rambo?

Sure, it isn’t all that creative, but the thought of Rambo hunting down the perfect human killer is completely intriguing. As with all Rambo movies, I’m sure both men (or maybe it will be GASP a woman!) will end up in torn up rags, bandanas and dirty faces, but no one watches a Rambo movie for the plot, character development and direction. You watch them to see people get blown up.