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Some of the lucky movie blogging moguls wandering around the Cannes Film Festival in France this week have reported sighting posters for Rambo V at various locations throughout the city. This seems somewhat confusing since in the past Sylvester Stallone has been rather adamant that he won’t do another one. Today Sly himself sorted this whole mess out by phoning up AICN to tickle Harry’s belly and set the record straight.

According to Stallone, he’s standing by his decision to stay away from Rambo. The last movie, John Rambo, was the end of the road for Sly. He has nothing to do with Rambo V and he never will… but that doesn’t mean it might not get made anyway. Stallone says the people behind these posters are out there looking for funding, and told him that if he won’t do it, someone else will. He's adamant that he won't do it so that means Rambo V, if they find funding, will happen with someone new playing Rambo.

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