Exactly how many people are they going to fit in the cast of Red, The DC Comics adaptation has been adding cast members right and left ever since Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman signed on in the lead roles, and now they're reaching way back into Hollywood's history to add what we can only hope will be the last batch of cast members. You thought Helen Mirren was old? Try Ernest Borgnine!

Yes Borgnine, along with Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Cox and Julian McMahon, has jointed the lineup for the film that begins shooting next year. According to THR it's 92-year-old Borgnine's first feature in ages, while Dreyfuss is probably grateful to still be getting work after signing on to something called Piranha 3-D. In a movie about the CIA and spies, Borgnine will play a keeper of the agency's secrets, with Dreyfuss as a wealthy government contractor and Cox as a former spy who is an enemy of the character played by Willis. McMahon is on board as the vice-president who, surprise surprise, is at the center of a conspiracy.

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