On paper, even some classic movie premises have the potential to sound a bit strange. The series of video reenactments titled “Rejected Pitches” on the teenwheelstv YouTube channel have fun with that concept, while also poking fun at Hollywood execs and their helpful notes for directors. Among the recently released Rejected Pitch videos, we see what “improvements” might have been made to The Shining and Back to the Future.

Who needs originality?. Wouldn’t The Shining have been so much more interesting if it took place in the summer at a hotel filled with “stupid sexy people” getting their “stupid sexy bodies” killed? That’s the approach these execs aim to take in this funny video, while “Stanley Kubrick” sits patiently and listens to their brilliant ideas...

Meanwhile, Robert Zemeckis’ confusingly titled Back to the Future also has plenty of things that need work. Marty and Doc’s relationship? Inappropriate. And what about the horrifyingly incestuous scenarios involving Marty and his mother? Now, the story of Marty and Jennifer going camping... that’s a winner right there...

Who wants to see a movie about a time-traveling kid, when there’s a romance about a skateboarding teen and his pretty girlfriend right there waiting to be told? We never did get to see them go camping...

As fun as it is to laugh at how the creativity and originality might have been stripped from successful films (see also Look Who’s Talking and E.T.), watching these does make me appreciate that originality and creativity of these movies, and the directors who took risks to tell new and interesting kinds of stories through film.

(Source: via GRF.)

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