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If you haven't already seen Duncan Jones' Moon, you really need to get on that. One of the best films of last year, the only reason that it didn't get Academy acclaim is because of a bad move by the studio for a ridiculous reason. Oscar aside, the film put Jones on the map as a director to watch, and now we can officially say when we will get our second dose.

In the recent issue of Empire (via Film Source Code) it is revealed that Jones' sophomore effort, Source Code, will be released on March 11, 2011. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, and Jeffrey Wright, Gyllenhaal plays a soldier transported into the body of a commuter who witnesses a train bombing, repeating the event over and over with the hope of discovering who is responsible. The catch? Gyllenhaal doesn't know what he is doing on the train or that he is part of a government experiment.

The website Wet Dark and Wild posted scans from the magazine, which include both the snippet about the film and the the first image. Check out the image below and head over to the site to read the article.

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