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The past two weeks have revealed more than a few things in the world of Gore Verbinski's Rango. The announcement piece delivered a long stretch of desert highway and a broken, orange toy fish, while a website update gave us our first look at characters like the gophers, a mariachi owl and and a large toad. But curiously absent from all of this is promotion has been the film's namesake, the chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp. The first poster for the film delivers this missing piece.

First Showing, via the site's Twitter account, has revealed the first Rango poster and it's beautiful. Between the Acapulco shirt, the twisty neck, the desert background and the bugged-out eyes, the poster is obviously modeled after the poster of Terry Gilliam's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, one of Depp's most famous films. The tweet also comes with the announcement that a new teaser trailer will appear online tomorrow. Until then, check out the poster (as well as its inspiration) below and click it to see it full size.

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