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Our copy of Production Weekly sure wasn't telling us this, but apparently Coming Soon has read between the lines and discovered that Brendan Fraser will be joining Harrison Ford in Crowley, a drama about a couple who discover that their child has a rare genetic disorder. Ford will play a researcher who may have a cure for the child's disease; if I were to venture a guess, I'd say Fraser is probably playing the father.

I like the idea of these two famous on-screen adventurers teaming up far, far away from their fedoras and old-timey weapons. Think they'll get in a argument over which movie sucked less, the fourth Indiana Jones or the third Mummy? The movie itself seems to toe the line between mopey sad medical drama and something really interesting, and there's no way of telling now how the chips will fall. But if someone leaves a bullwhip or a pistol lying around the set, prepare for things to get interesting real fast.
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