Ricky Gervais Makes Flanimals

Ricky Gervais is getting in the animation business. He’s written a series of children’s books called “Flanimals” and Variety says Universal Pictures is turning it into a computer animated feature film. Ricky will the voice the movie’s lead and the script is being adapted by Simpsons writer Matt Selman.

The illustrated books are about a world inhabited by 50 ugly-cute monsters. Characters include:

Honk: Moley squit that sleeps all day, until for no reason it makes the loudest noise on the planet, causing its nose to trumpet up to fifty times normal size. It then falls to the floor exhausted and fast asleep.

Monty Flumple: This little dough-brained chump mijlet likes everything. It wanders around and stares at things, instantly falling in love. It will stand staring for days until the Flanimal it is staring at moves away. If it falls in love with a Glonk, it is there forever.

Puddloflaj: Cowardly wobbler that spends its days avoiding the Grundit. The Puddloflaj looks like a useless fat blob. It actually doesn't have an ounce of fat on it - it's water retention. In fact it's nearly 100% water, sort of like filling a balloon from a tap. Baby Puddloflaj can be used as water bombs.

Clunge Ambler: This sweaty little waddle-gimp shuffles around trying to cuddle things. He is weird and smells, so is constantly being beaten up and buried. He never learns his lesson and always tries to find and cuddle the Flanimal that buried him.

Grundit: Staggers around half-witted and grumpy, trying to start trouble. Its favourite hobby is using the Puddloflaj as a form of transport, but it always falls off, causing the bumps on its head. Luckily the brain is too small to be affected.

Adult Mernimbler: Eats everything it sees and dies of chronic indigestion.

Even the character descriptions are hilarious. I’d expect nothing less from Ricky Gervais.

The books are also being turned into a TV series which will appear on Britain’s ITV, but this appears to have no connection to the feature film.

Josh Tyler