Is Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel Basically Star Trek V?

Since we first heard Ridley Scott was working on a prequel to Alien, years ago now, the internet has been filled with rampant rumor and speculation trying to pin down what it’s about. We’ve heard everything from homosexual farmers to crazed world destroyers, and this latest rumor fits nicely on a shelf with the rest. All we know for certain about this movie is that it’s a prequel to Alien, it’s called Prometheus and it’ll involve the dead Space Jockey alien we saw in the previous movie.

But over at io9 they have a crazy rumor from a tipster who describes Prometheus as if it's like some sort of Ridley Scott take on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. There’s no way to know if any of what their scooper has to say is the real deal, but just in case it is, tune out now if you don’t want to read possible spoilers for Prometheus.

Their tipster claims the story of Prometheus involves mankind’s search for god, and that the race of “Space Jockeys” are actually our creators, a group of aliens who geneticially engineered planet Earth and all the life on it. Man goes in search of them, finds them, and then accidentally pisses them off. The Space Jockeys, who are generally unfriendly world destroyers, then unleash the killer Aliens we know from the previous movies as a way of obliterating humanity, but the film’s heroes escape and the movie ends with one alien Jockey in pursuit, headed towards Earth and bent on wiping us all out. Apparently he ends up dead on some other remote planet, the planet we see in Alien.

I guess that makes sense as a plot, all they’re really missing is Sybok. What does God need with a starship?

Josh Tyler