Robert De Niro In Machete?

Robert Rodriguez’s Machete is supposed to start shooting in Austin at the end of this month, and in preparation for that it looks like he’s started filling out the cast. Danny Trejo will of course, play the titular Mexican madman bent on revenge, but Bloody-Disgusting has a line on who may fill other parts in the film.

According to their sources, Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah Hill, and Robert De Niro may parts in the movie. Rodriguez makes sense, she’s kind of like a prettier, female version of Danny Trejo. Pissed off is her specialty and she’s tailor made for an action-revenge flick. Maybe this will give her the career boost she’s needed. BD says she’s playing a character named “Luz”. Hill and DeNiro are a little more unexpected. Jonah could be playing someone named “Julio” and De Niro a senator named McLaughlin.

For now consider this just rumor, but if true it looks like this may not be the low-budget grindhouse flick we were expecting. De Niro doesn’t come cheap.

Josh Tyler