I sat long enough through Robert Rodriguez's Comic Con panel, in which he promised production on half a dozen different movie ideas that all seemed as unlikely as the next, to realize that the man is a lot more fond of talking about making movies than actually making them. And if you've been hoping for a Sin City sequel ever since the first movie came out in 2005, you know this pain firsthand. For years we've gotten repeated rumors that Sin City 2 wasn't going to happen, only to have Rodriguez and others insist it would happen, offering a series of start dates that have repeatedly come and gone. At Comic Con last summer Rodriguez said if Sin City 2 "is going to happen, it's going to happen this year." And here we are in 2012, and believe it or not, Rodriguez is still making that same promise.

Speaking in front of a SXSW crowd in Austin, Rodriguez announced the creation of an animation company called Quickdraw Animation that will work on two feature film projects, one of them being the long-gestating Heavy Metal, which Rodriguez picked up last summer. And according to THR he also offered an update on both Sin City 2 and Machete 2; with financing in place, Machete 2 is still on track to start shooting in April, and Rodriguez added that Sin City 2 is "likely" to begin production over the summer.

What does "likely" mean? This is Robert Rodriguez we're dealing with, so who knows-- I'm not even sure how he could get in and out of production on Machete 2 in time to start another movie that fast, much less one with the wide-ranging cast of Sin City. I've followed enough of these rumors to know that Sin City 2 won't exist until the last day of shooting wraps-- but if you want a little more hope to fuel you, take this news and run with it as you see fit.

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