The Rock Turned Down Transformers 4 Role

The Rock himself has admitted that he's "franchise Viagra," the vital force to add in to a series that seems to have lost its way. So we assumed he was right there with us in being confused when it was his Pain & Gain co-star Mark Wahlberg brought in to lead Michael Bay's Transformers 4 instead of The Rock. Wahlberg's great and all, but why wouldn't Bay at least try to get them both?

As it turns out, The Rock was one step ahead of us this whole time. Here's what he tweeted today as part of a conversation with fans:

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Now whether or not it's a better idea for The Rock to venture out on the Brett Ratner-directed Hercules is up for debate-- after all , playing Conan the Barbarian didn't work out so well for Jason Momoa, so taking on characters once played by Arnold Schwarzenegger has a dicey track record. Then again, The Rock is in a category entirely of his own at this point, capable of jumping from Wrestlemania to kids' movies to R-rated comedy The Other Guys to bonkers violence like Pain & Gain and only getting more popular for it. It's not really so much The Rock's loss that he doesn't get to be in Transformers 4-- he'll be fine. But now that we know he should have been it, the movie will inevitably seem worse without him.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend