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In recent years Robert Rodriguez has proven himself to have a case of ADD when it comes to film projects. Despite clamoring from fans wanting a sequel to the hit 2005 film Sin City, Rodriguez has always found something else to do, be it Grindhouse, Shorts, Machete, Predators, Nerveracker, Spy Kids 4 or the ill-fated Red Sonja. But now Digital Spy is reporting that Rodriguez has returned to the world of Basin City and has begun rewriting the script for Sin City 2.

According to the site, Rodriguez is still excited about the project, but that the script they currently have needs to be rewritten, a process that has not yet begun. The director was also quoted as saying that "it's just finding the right time slot to do it."

You know how you find the right time slot there, Robert? You stop taking on so many damn projects! Everyone that saw the neo-noir Frank Miller adaptation wants to see the characters come back, but you persistently throw up road blocks for yourself. If you really want to see it made, you'd clear your schedule and get it done. Just don't let Miller take care of it himself. Lord knows we don't need another Spirit.

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