Rodriguez Sets A Date For The Jetsons Movie

When Robert Rodriguez sets his mind to filming something, it tends to happen pretty fast. He’s not a time waster and so it’s conceivable that if he wanted to, he could actually shoot a great number of films in a limited amount of time. Still, with all the things he has on his plate you’d think something would have to give. He has Shorts coming out, a Predator reboot called Predators to make, his Grindhouse spin-off Machete to shoot in Austin this summer, a sci-fi movie called Nervewrackers he’s supposed to be working on, and oh yeah, there’s always Sin City 2. At one point he was also attached to a live-action version of The Jetsons but it’s been awhile, and with all the other stuff he’s absolutely committed to, most assumed that this was the one project of the bunch which would have to give way to make room for all the others.

Not so.

Robert reaffirmed his commitment to George and his boy Elroy to MTV saying, “We’re writing the script right now.” He then went on to add that he hopes to start shooting it next year. So I guess that means Machete and Predators at the least, will be finished before then? Now that’s a very cool thought: There could be a brand new, finished Predator movie living on a studio shelf somewhere by the end of this year.

For that matter, almost everything Rodriguez is working on right now (with the exception of Shorts, sweet Jesus I can’t wait till that… whatever that is opens so we can forget about it) is wickedly cool. Even The Jetsons in the right hands could really be a pretty fantastic, summer tentpole full of robots, flying cars, and talking dogs. Sure if Brett Ratner were making it or if it were a Disney movie maybe there’d be less reason to be excited. but in Rodriguez’s hands The Jetsons could be something pretty special.

Josh Tyler