Those Arrested Development movie rumors just won’t go away… mostly because the cast won’t quit spreading them. E Online caught up with Jason Bateman who took the opportunity to once again plant the notion in our heads that a film may be possible.

This time Bateman says, “I can confirm that a round of sniffing has started.” I’m not sure what sniffing mean, but it’s better than utter disinterest.

Also talking movie is Jeffrey Tambor, who went on XM Radio and revealed that Ron Howard is actively investigating the possibility of a movie. He claims Howard approached him personally to see if he’d be up for an Arrested Development flick. His answer? “I love doing that.” Tambor is ready to go, Bateman wants more, and it sounds like Ron Howard is pushing this thing as well. Arrested Development: The Movie may indeed be a reality. Or it may be another cancelled TV show that only a handful of people care about with a cast that has nothing better to do than try to create jobs for themselves by pumping up their past work and all of this is wishful thinking.

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