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Not too long ago, Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series of books was the toast of Hollywood and the best seller list. With The DaVinci Code bringing in a boatload in 2006 and Angels And Demons making a more modest success of itself, the franchise starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard was on financially stable ground, but it still wasn't clear whether the series would have the momentum to continue over the long haul. It was assumed The Lost Symbol would give fans a definitive answer to the franchise question, but that project died on the vine rather quickly.

For those still waiting for the team of Hanks and Howard to make a return, Deadline is your new best friend, as they've confirmed an April 2015 start date for the adaptation of Dan Brown's latest entry in the series, Inferno. We previously reported that this team up was probably happening, but now we can confirm that the ink has dried and Italy will be preparing itself to host the filming next spring. The fourth book in the series finds Robert Langdon with a mild case of amnesia, and recovering from an accident he can't recall. These details will be crucial though, as a fanatic obsessed with Dante's Inferno is looking to unleash some biblical punishment on the world.

I have to admit, I haven't read Inferno just yet, but I have read the first three books in the Robert Langdon series. The Lost Symbol is probably being skipped because it really isn't that exciting of a book. At the very least, it's not exciting enough to revive a five years dormant franchise to a point that it could be as financially viable as Sony is going to want it to be. As their motion picture arm has found itself in an elongated patch of financial difficulty, Sony is going to want to put their best foot forward with this flick. With Tom Hanks and Ron Howard back in the game, they've made a really good move positioning themselves towards cashing in on the adult audiences that are hungry for a film like this.

There's just one huge problem staring this film down: it's scheduled to be released on the same day as Star Wars: Episode VII. I don't care what type of audience you're trying to play towards, if you're opening on December 18th, 2015; and your name isn't Star Wars: Episode VII, I hope you have a pint of Ben And Jerry's handy because it's going to be a horrific weekend. With April 2015 marking the start of production on Inferno, it's probably a good call to move the film's release date to a more friendly release slot. Hell, if they programmed themselves for a February 12th, 2016 release, they'd be shooting fish in a barrel against Gods Of Egypt and they wouldn't be that far off the mark.

We'll keep you updated on whether or not Inferno keeps its release date.

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