We have a couple of sequels coming out this week. Typically, the sequel culture dictates a pre-determined drop in quality from the original. But not this week. We have two sequels coming out that may each be better than the first. Tatum and Hill head to college and more dragons get trained.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

22 Jump Street
Rotten Watch Prediction
If I went undercover into a college – and believe me, I’ve thought about it – my cover would be as the brooding, prematurely balding, intellectually-stimulating, uber-jock/musician type. This would allow me access to a number of different cliques and social groups while also sticking in my Renaissance-man wheelhouse. Where I would run into a little bit of trouble would be pretending to enjoy Skrillex music. This kind of leap would require an Academy Award-type performance. The first concert we went to would blow my cover completely.

See how Tatum and Hill get their covers straight in the 22 Jump Street trailer

When the 21 Jump Street movie came out a few years ago, I detailed my fascination with the original television series. I loved the show and it occupied many of my adolescent summers. I went back and watched the first few episodes recently, and while it doesn’t really hold up, it remains a vestige of the late 80s in every possible way. From the costumes, to the scripts that were one half step above an after-school special, the series is corny in retrospect - which is why I’m glad they took the "brand" and pivoted away from the original into this new comedic take on the late-teen undercover scene. It’s pretty genius really. And it clearly works. The first flick is hilarious even the second and third time around. Tatum and Hill work perfectly in tandem. As for the sequel? While many a comedy franchise has died in its first follow up, 22 Jump Street looks like it might rate better than the first. No easy feat.

Directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller have teamed up again for this one. They’ve partnered on The Lego Movie (96%) and 21 Jump Street (85%). They’ve got comedy chops for sure, with hits across a few different mediums. This latest doesn’t appear to slow down their winning formula. Early reviews are off the charts with 35 of the 36 early reviews rating as positive. Interestingly enough, the only negative review comes from Cinema Blend’s Gabe Toro who ranked it at two and a half stars. It’s the only critical blemish on 22 Jump Street at the moment. There will of course be others, but I doubt too many, with the early returns being so positive. I love what they’ve done with this franchise. Now may be time to throw on a tank top, get weird big plastic sunglasses, strap on about 100K in student loan debt and head back to college in an undercover role.

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