Around the Rotten Week offices we’ve been battening down the hatches, stockpiling survival gear and praying we aren’t swept away with Hurricane Sandy. But just because the storm of the century is knocking at the door like a character in a bad horror flick doesn’t mean we can’t take a crack at this week’s slate of movies. Not when we’ve got Denzel taking flight, RZA going kung fu and Ralph wrecking it.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

If God (or Zeus, or Santa Claus, or whatever you believe in) had intended me to fly He’d have strapped some feathers to my ample biceps and triceps, given me a more aerodynamic figure and given me a slightly bigger beak. But instead He made it so even stepladders appear like a Home Depot-supplied Mount Everest and planes, well you can pretty much forget it. Get into the equivalent of a soda can with wings that carries along a packed fuselage just waiting to explode? Hell no, God. Nice try and hell no.

And do you think Flight is the kind of flick that’ll get me heading up into the friendly skies anytime soon? A drunk pilot (aren’t they all?), channels his inner Sully Sullenberger and saves the day by barrel-rolling his 747 in order to pull out of a dive, surviving a midair catastrophe. Supposed to be inspirational I guess.

All aerophobia aside though, this thing is a Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis pair up and formulaically, that spells success. Flight deems itself a mystery drama centered around Washington’s in-air heroics contrasted with the proposition he was tuned up on booze at the time of takeoff. For Denzel? Well, dude can act and there’s some feeling around these parts that he’d be among the likely contenders for the Oscar. For Zemeckis, this movie represents a move back to reality (think Cast Away-90%) and away from the motion capture style that’s defined the last decade of his films (Beowulf-71%, Disney’s A Christmas Carol-54%, The Polar Express-57%). Critics are seeing a good, just a hair short of great, return for Robbie Z.

Cinema Blend’s Katey Rich, liked the film (though hated the ending, a common theme even among the most positive reviews) and it’s at 87% right now on the Tomatometer. That’s a healthy score but one that’ll dip a bit over the course of the week. The positive reviews all had a “yeah, but” feel and those will translate to some downward trending. But it’ll all just reaffirm my affinity for good old terra firma. The Rotten Watch for Flight is 79%

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