Ryan Phillippe Goes AWOL And Kevin Spacey Plays Angry Danny Ocean

Well, America. You asked for it and now you're getting it. By turning crap spoof projects like Date Movie and Epic Movie into financial success stories you've gotten Hollywood into the mindset that producing more such drivel is a good idea. Now they're not just making more of them. The people who make them are multiplying.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the over-drafted brainfunds behind Scary Movie have moved on from mocking genres in general and have started churning out general mockery like this year's Meet the Spartans. Their Scary Movie legacy, which should have died after the first film, was carried on by a new guy, Craig Mazin.

Now Mazin is picking up the genre torch from Friedberg and Seltzer and is all prepped to assault you this weekend with Superhero Movie [Read The CB Preview]. Don't be fooled by the fact that it stars Leslie Nielsen. While his name brought credibility to parodies back in the 70's and 80's, these days he'll star in anything that will hire him, no matter how stupid.

For a comedy that might be just a little bit funnier, look to David Schwimmer's first go-round in the director's chair, Run Fat Boy Run [Read The CB Review]. The gratuitous comedic swearing may grow old quick, but you'll do better with Run's Simon Pegg and Hank Azaria over tired spoof anyday.

The movies have yet to deliver a solid comedy this year, but the dramas are getting better. If you can handle heavy-handed politics and an over-done MTV soundtrack, Stop-Loss [Read The CB Review] can offer you a thought-provoking experience. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance is a treat if you want good acting. Channing Tatum's there too, if you just want a good-looking actor.

The best bet for your movie-going buck is 21 [Read The CB Review]. An entertaining twist on the heist film, it boasts a sharp cast and a director eager to prove that he's not just the guy who made Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Not quite Ocean's Eleven, but far better than Ocean's Twelve it's an easy gamble for a good time. Look for it to be number one this week.