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Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern costume should be kind of a no-brainer. As long as it’s green and tight-fitting (a little something for the ladies) they can’t go wrong. It’s not the iconic image that Superman or Spider-Man’s costume is. You can get a little creative with the styling as long as you don’t turn it into some boring, black-leather affair.

So here’s one interpretation of what the Lantern costume could look like. It was posted by artist Jason Palmer on his website where he claims he’s doing concept art for the movie. Now it’s worth noting that this particular image he says was not included in his concept art submission to the production, so Green Lantern’s costume will not look like this. But if he’s really one of the artists working on the film, then it’s worth looking at as a clue to the direction they may be headed with Ryan’s Lantern getup.

I like it. Some of the fan art that’s been done on the subject skews more towards the boring, black-leather costume which spared everyone to death in X-Men. This looks more like a Green Lantern costume should. Compare it with a few of these drawing from the comics for instance:

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