Sam Rockwell Starts A Drug And Booze-Filled Affair In First Better Living Through Chemistry Trailer

It would seem that Samuel Goldwyn Films is quite looking forward to releasing the upcoming dark comedy Better Living Through Chemistry. It was just two weeks ago that the studio purchased distribution rights to release the moving, and already we have the debut trailer.

Directed by newcomer writer/directors Geoff Moore and David Posamentier as their first feature, the film tells the story of Doug Varney (Sam Rockwell), a meek, ordinary guy living in a small town as a pharmacist married to a domineering wife (Michelle Monaghan). His life is changed forever one night when while make a prescription delivery he meets Elizabeth Roberts (Olivia Wilde), the sexy, manipulative, gold-digging wife of a millionaire. The two begin a raucous, drug and booze-fueled affair that takes an interesting turn when a murder plot enters the equation. Ben Schwartz, Ken Howard, Ray Liotta and Jane Fonda all-co-star in the film - though it's interesting to note that Fonda was completely absent from the trailer.

I've been looking forward to this film for quite a long time, and this trailer only enhances my anticipation levels. Rockwell is fantastic is every role he takes, and I can't wait to watch his transformation from a "nice, honest guy" into a lustful, drug-addled potential murdered. Watching the clip it's also confirmed that Moore and Posamentier can be listed among the filmmakers who are smart enough to utilize Rockwell's sweet dance moves in their movie:

While Samuel Goldwyn Films has taken rights to Better Living Through Chemistry, what's not 100% clear at this point is exactly when we'll be able to see the movie. In the report announcing the distribution deal there was no specific release date named, instead just the vague target of "spring" (UPDATE: The film will be out March 14th). To go with the trailer, IMDb has put up the film's first poster as well, which you can check out below. It's not the greatest design you'll see this year, but it won't convince you not to see the movie either.

Better Living Through Chemistry Poster

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