Sam Worthington Wants To Make A Terminator 5

Like it or not, Sam Worthington is the "it" actor of the moment. Since making a splash in Terminator Salvation and Avatar last year, he has seen just about every offer pass across his desk, be it playing Dracula in Alex Proyas' upcoming adaptation or Flash Gordon, which he was quick to deny. But while many in his position would be looking to branch out, the Aussie actor seems to be interested in taking a step back.

On tour promoting Clash of the Titans, Worthington spoke with MTV and revealed that he would love to return to the Terminator franchise, particularly if it means he gets to work with Christian Bale and director McG again. He even proposed an idea where John Conner travels back in time to break a pre-machine Marcus out of prison as a parable to breaking Sarah Conner out of the insane asylum in T2.

If Terminator Salvation taught us anything, wasn't it that we really don't need anymore Terminator films? Hell, that was the lesson with Terminator 3? Worthington's idea isn't the worst I have ever heard, but they should just let it all fade away. If they do feel compelled to make another sequel, however, (and a franchise sale will do that), I do ask one simple favor: for the love of God, don't bring back McG.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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