Scary Movie 5 Will Be A Reboot

We’ve survived four installments and you’d think that would earn us all a break, but they’re starting it all over again. We’ve heard from solid sources close to the Weinstein Company that they’re rebooting Scary Movie.

Look, you should have seen this coming. The last one, Scary Movie 4, was clearly out of gas creatively but still managed to make nearly $180 million worldwide. They’ve run out of places to take the franchise but they’d still like to drive Ferraris, so restarting the whole thing sort of makes sense… assuming of course you’re an evil, soulless, corporate executive.

So we’re talking Scary Movie reboot, with new characters and all that implies. That likely means no Anna Faris who has been one of the few constants throughout all four previous Scary Movies. In fact just a few weeks ago she told Fangoria, “Everyone wants to know if there will be a fifth SCARY MOVIE and I really have no answer.” Now we know why she had no answer. She may not be in it.

Scary Movie 5 is still quite a ways off since The Weinstein Company doesn’t plan to release it until after Scream 4, which is due out in 2010. Plenty of time for them to change their mind and simply spare us to death with another sequel, but for now we’re hearing reboot.

Josh Tyler