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Earlier this week I cried foul when Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed he didn't really have time to act in Terminator: Salvation, but "might" make an appearance in it anyway. But turns out, he wasn't really lying! Instead, according to Variety, the T-800 who appears in Terminator: Salvation will be a living, breathing, digital re-creation of the Governator himself.

That solves one key problem of how to make the governor look like his 1984 self, since his Terminator character was just being created when the new movie takes place. But it introduces a whole new problem, namely that CGI human beings never, ever look right, even when they're supposedly cyborgs. Apparently the character is being created based on a mold of Schwarzenegger's body made during the filming of the first movie, so the dimensions will probably be correct. But whether this digital monstrosity can actually capture realistic human behavior... oh man. It sounds too terrifying to contemplate.

Did you ever think we'd get to a point where we'd be nostalgic for the humanist acting talent of Arnold Schwarzenegger? And doesn't this whole "replace the actor with a digital version" thing sound like something that would happen in John Connor's dystopic future? Is there any possible way not to be creeped out by this? Help me out here, guys.