Scott Bakula Says That A Quantum Leap Movie Is On The Way

Here's some news that you didn't expect to come on a random August night: Scott Bakula, speaking at a Quantum Leap retrospective panel at this year's Comic Con, announced that series creator Donald P. Bellisario is currently working on a script for a Quantum Leap feature film. Sadly, however, Bakula said that he and Dean Stockwell, who played hologram and time travel guide Al Calavicci in the series, were too old to return to their roles, but that they will have parts in the movie.

The best thing about the series was how well the formula worked: each episode has Bakula's Sam Beckett "leaping" into someone else's mind and righting a wrong before the end of the hour. How do you move that into a two hour format without having multiple plot lines and potentially jumbling the whole thing up? It's one of those TV shows that you don't mind seeing getting turned into a feature simply because you're curious how it will all work out. (via Blastr)

Eric Eisenberg
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