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Scott Stewart Blows Your Mind

Looks like Scott Stewart is doing more badass movies besides Legion. THR reports that he and Gus Krieger have developed a film for Bond Films called Psi-Ops, about a secret U.S. military unit of psychological operatives who specialize in exploiting their target's deepest fears... like Ghost Rider I guess. On a routine mission to the Amazon, they discover something that makes even them soil themselves.

It may bring up memories of that god-awful Playstation 2 game of the same name, Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. They're hoping to combine the elements of 1980s action movies like Predators and Aliens with the psychological tone and visual realism of movies like Black Hawk Down. Kinda sounds like Independence Day and Saving Private Ryan mixed with a little Matilda to me.

Given Stewart's track record as a special effects artist and how good Legion is looking right now, I wouldn't worry too much about this one yet. If anything, we'll see a big... blue or purple explosion or some shit. And I would be just fine with that. But we really don't know what to expect from this guy as far as having creative control other then the few trailers we've been shown. So we should just wait and see.

No release date has been given just yet. But best bet says early 2011.