It is with both happiness and irritation I report the following story. Happiness because I enjoy its content, irritation because it’s sad the news itself wasn’t a given from jump street. The much anticipated Scream 4 has been hit with an R-rating. You may remember the MPAA awarded the series’ first three efforts the restricted rating as well, but the world was a different place then. Now the mantra seems to be if there’s anyway you can edit for a pg-13 do so. Good thing for us Wes Craven is old school.

According to Shock Till You Drop, the rationale behind the R involves “strong, bloody violence, language and some teen drinking.” That likely means close up kills, more than one f-bomb and no boobs.

With a combination new and old cast, a reinvigorated director and palpable fan excitement, I fully expect Scream 4 to do very well. It opens on April 15th, and if all goes well, it should be the first of three featuring this cast.

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