See A Barrage Of Cursing And Crotch-Kicking In This Hilarious Supercut


Here at Cinema Blend, we love a good supercut, whether it be a gathering of Tony Stark's best one-liners, a collection of all the howling fat men from Coen Bros' movies, or just a compilation of characters getting hit by buses. Supercuts are a fun way to highlight trends, point out or poke fun at movie clichés, and above all revel in sheer cinephilia. But few of the supercuts we have shared are as ambitious as those of dedicated Youtuber Jonathan Keogh.

Last winter, we marveled at Keogh's masterful editing as he cut (or supercut) together 250+ movies to encompass IMDB's top rated films in just two and half minutes. And in the vid above, he takes his movie mania several steps farther by including snippets from more than 400 movies to celebrate cursing in the cinema. Well, cursing and shots to the nuts.

Keogh's latest features scenes from sources as wide-ranging as Metropolis, Tommy Boy, The Shining, Lake Placid, Die Hard With A Vengeance, Titanic, The Artist, Toy Story and many, many more. It showcases insults, injury, obscenity, sexual content, projectile vomit, and plenty of flipping of the bird. In a word, it's awesome. Cut to the song "Curse Me Good" by The Heavy, this supercut has an impressively jaunty pace, and Keogh deftly crosscuts this plethora of movie moments in a way that is unexpected and pretty brilliant.

As you might expect, he put a lot of thought into his latest creation. You can read his entire explanation here, but below we've included our favorite excerpt.

"So the theme of this video is clearly, 'F*** You,' in the most colorful way I could portray it through the movies. When you're thinking about that guy who dumped you, that teacher who told you that you 'couldn't,' that boss who fired you, that guy who cut you off, and that sad, sad, sad, sad, sad bully you had in school, I hope you can resort to this video and know, you're not the only one who feels like that, and there are 400 movies right here that are on your side, not there's. [sic] And if you should feel so inclined to take one extra dramatic step, don't resort to violence or criminal behavior, go ahead and e-mail them this video and say 'this made me think of you'."

Good idea. Consider this vid bookmarked for future use.

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Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.